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GWP Power Solutions pledges to provide professional service by employing a honest mutual relationship through ethical customer relations. We strive to keep generators running efficiently for a long service life, reduced down time, and ensuring customers have confidence that the protection is there when needed. While always attentive to customer expectations of fair economical service.

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GWP Power Solutions Owner Gerald Pierce Jr. 

Serving Northern Virginia

Gerald "Gerry" Pierce Jr has been interested in all things mechanical and ever since he could walk and talk has always been intrigued by gas and diesel engines. After graduating high school he attended Nashville Auto Diesel College where he graduated third in his class with the covenanted Craftsman Award. He is a certified Kohler and  Generac Residential/Commercial Technician and ASE Master Truck Technician.. He is has been working as an agricultural/generator field technician as well as a volunteer/paid fireman for the past 28 years, and maintains current/ clear back ground and drug test checks as well as a low level security clearance. Gerry has been working on Kohler, Generac, Winco and Onan Generators since 1990 and is knowledgeable in all aspects of diesel, propane, and natural gas air and liquid cooled engines both two and four stroke as well as the electrical power generating and transfer switch parts of back-up power systems.
With Gerry's extensive experience and knowledge as a mechanic, fireman, and emergency medical technician he is able to point out not only problems that can cause mechanical failure but any issues that could effect the health and safety of his customers. He has gained mutual respect from his clients because of always being honest, and following through with timely and reliable repair completions all while taking great pride in a repair that will ensure trouble free service life of anything he may work on. Always treating the "customer" as he would a close family member and their machines in need of service and repair as if they were his very own. This has earned him a reputation for integrity though always repairing and replacing only the things that are necessary, his knowledge enables him to always fully explain why certain actions or repairs have to be done and why the parts need replacing. With this level of dedication to ensuring a proper repair and a very high achievement of customer satisfaction he has been called on by the Generac factory service department to aid in repairing generators for customers when the customer had lost confidence in the installer or current dealer who had failed after multiple attempts to repair the generator satisfactorily. He is trusted with million dollar equipment and the responsibilities that are associated with it! All of this combined has prepared and given Gerry the desire to own his very own business and take his dedication to his clients and customers to a superior level. 


We serve home owners, home builders, property managers, electricians, public service organizations, schools, churches, government utilities and cell/radio communication towers. 


Member of EGSA

(Electrical Generating Systems Assoc.)

Factory Trained & Certified

30 years experience! 



"The Go-To Generator Guys"

Gerry is very experienced in all forms of generators and extremely professional. His tune up doubled the effective output of my whole-house 15kw generator and brought it back in to specified performance.

— Waterford, VA

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